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  • Fudge Bar (95g)

    Our award winning Fudge is so soft and creamy that it would be hard to find anything like it.  It is made using the highest quality of ingredients.  It is softer in texture than tablet and has a luxurious, rich flavour that takes over the mouth when eaten.  One piece is never enough and will definitely leave you wanting more!
  • A true Mrs Tilly’s classic that is a feast for the mouth. A soft, sweet, creamy fondant centre smothered in milk chocolate and then finally rolled in coconut, creating a real taste indulgence.
  • Tablet Bar (95g)

    Our best-selling, award winning Tablet is made using a traditional recipe and encompasses only the finest quality ingredients.  It is a medium-hard confectionery with a smooth texture that simply melts in the mouth, leaving a luxurious creamy texture.  It is a true treat for the taste buds that once tasted, it is never forgotten!